Posted by: thewitness1 | December 18, 2010

The First 3.5 Years

Many bible scholars and teachers have taught us that a 7 year peace agreement between Israel and Palistine will mark the beginning of the last 7 years before Jesus is revealed in the heavens. YHWH reveals through signs in the heavens what this 7 year covenant is, which He foretold through the prophet Daniel. Read more >>

Preparing the Way before Yeshua – Jesus Christ

Posted by: thewitness1 | March 25, 2010

Welcome to Witnesses for Jesus Christ


Called to prepare the way before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and warning of all that are about to be fulfilled in your generation. As witness, through great prophetic signs, God appeared to us over a period of 3 years, revealing His heart and desire for this generation and its people.

Giving people their food at the proper time, we desire to please our Maker and King alone, giving Him the Glory and the power due His Name.

Signs in the Heaven: You are My Witnesses that I AM YHWH